Where Do Escorts Likes To Be Touched The Most?

Sex is not only all about fucking someone for fun or having it to get rid of stress and anxiety. It is a work of art and a person must learn the necessary skills to be perfect in these things. So, if you have a partner whom you want to make happy by learning such skills, the perfect option would be hiring Bali asian escorts who have already encountered 100 customers and have a lot of experience.

Women have a certain erogenous zone; if someone touches them, they can get quickly turned on because a simple touch can Rahul their sexual feeling. So, there are many things which you can perform during sex and becoming an expert by trying it on an escort would be an ideal option for you so that you can later satisfy your loved one.

5 Spots Every Woman Wants You To Touch

     1. Inner thighs – 

One of the best things you can do is arouse the sexual feeling of your partner by touching them in their inner thighs. Inner thighs are very close to the vagina and the G spot, So a woman can easily get stimulated while touching that area. You can continue your practice with your escort until you get perfect.

     2. Ears – 

This part might not feel like a sexual organ, but it is very sensitive whenever you come to private girls’ body, so they love it if someone touches their ear. Kissing them would also be a good option because it will give you and your partner goosebumps in making your session more interesting. Your escort will let you know whether you are doing it in the right way or not.

     3. Nipples – 

When it comes to breasts, both a male and female can get crazy as it is a very sensitive part which can easily turn anyone on. It is also responsible for providing intense orgasms while having sexual pleasure. You can lick or suck them because your sexual partner would love you to do that.

     4. Neck – 

The neck is another sensitive part that females would like to get touch because it is connected with the breast bone and skull, making it a sensual touching spot. In addition, it has a lot of nerve fibre that can stimulate a woman's body by touching them.

     5. Clitoris – 

It is one of the most sensitive parts of every human body. It is situated on the vagina of a female. The region has more than nerve fibres connected to it. So, whenever someone touches them, it provides extreme pleasure to the female. During masturbation, Some females only like to rub and tap their vagina.

On the other hand, using of sex toy would also be an ideal option, such as a C spot vibrator. However, having practised with your escort is the only option you can be perfect in such activities so that you can completely satisfy your partner in future.


Sex education is not provided in every country, so the most common problem for males is not having proper knowledge while performing such things. Asian girls provided by agencies will help you to have good quality time with them so that you can understand every aspect of sex completely.

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